Quality Policy

1. Identify and implement the requirements of the era with logic of continuous development and improvement,

2. To provide to the highest customer satisfaction by evaluating needs, suggestions and complaints of our customers with our ‘Customer-Oriented’ approach,

3. To carry out the necessary studies by adopting the rule of zero error,

4. In order to achieve our goals, ensure that quality targets are communicated to all employees, clearly understood and that communication channels are kept open at all times,

5. To increase the awareness in our employees and to apply and continuously improve the quality standards with the participation of all our employees,

We are in commitment.

Environmental Policy

1. Raise environmental awareness of our employees,

2. Leave clean,tidy and healthy environment to the our children,

3. Minimize to our damage to environment at source,

4. Aware of climate change and sustainability in all produce methods,

5. Less usage of natural resources

We are in commitment.