ELS has been working with the awareness that R&D studies have become indispensable one of the essential factors of competition in nowadays. Within this scope, in order to achieve sustainable growth ELS closely follows the technological improvement and is based on efficieny in production and innovative works. In order to exist in the global market, ELS will continue to be brand on worldwide with innovation-oriented studies and wide engineering staff by closely following investments in technology and R&D studies. With our on-going projects, we are the practical follower of the deficiencies and innovations in the all over the world.

R&D and Quality

  • ● Develop new products
  • ● Raise of product quality and standards
  • ● Develop of new techniques to cost decreasing
  • ● Develop new production techniques
  • ● Provide to less spending
  • ● Do a lot of work in short time
  • ● Maximize to company profits


As a result of today's growing globalization efforts, ELS strives to go further in an increasingly competitive race and has a large, successful team. Principles that seem simple but consistently implement significant advantages are the way to improve management quality. As the quality system covers all activities that may affect the product quality, the quality of each product used in gas spring is monitored by our experienced team in our laboratories. ELS is aware that maintenance is the best savings and continues to work to maximize its quality.